Nifty Niners Golf League

When & What:

Tuesday Morning Nine (9) Hole Golf League, Tees Off  Starting at 8:00 am

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By Laws:

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Rules are for everyone. If you are playing in a group and rules are violated, please call it to the attention of the player. In case of unusual or difficult cases, notify the Chairman.

  1. No mulligans are allowed (2nd tee shot).
  2. If you hit into another fairway, those on that hole have the right-of-way.
  3. Do not playoff another green or tee. Drop ball two club lengths from tee or green-not closer to the hole.
  4. Man made obstacle-drop ball within one club length not closer.
  5. Casual water-2 club lengths relief, not closer to hole.
  6. Sand traps-a) Do not sole club (rest on sand). b) No practice swings.
  7. No gimmies allowed-continue putting until you have putted out.
  8. Play ready golf. Move immediately to next hole and tee off when ready.
  9. Wave up following group on Par 3 holes if you have not started putting.
  10. Whiffs count!
  11. C flight must not slow A and B players. No more than two C players allowed in each foursome before 8:00.
  12. To be eligible for the Tuesday events, each player must sign the event sheet. Upon completion of event, each player is responsible for posting her own score.
  13. Players will have individual score cards in their flight folder. Upon completion of play, record your score and also any make-up games.
  14. Tuesday Events' prizes will be kept in a basket. Pick up your prizes.
  15. In order to qualify for tournament play, you must have completed ten games. You may play make-up games with anyone but you must play on the Deerfield Park District course (Honor system).
  16. If you're not on the green in 10 strokes: Pick up your ball (10 strokes) and walk to the green, adding 1 stroke (you're now at 11 strokes). Place the ball at the front edge of the green and putt out (3 putts maximum). If you've picked up your ball (11 strokes) and putted out (3 strokes max) you could get a maximum of 14 strokes on the hole.

Points of Clarification:

In order to make flights more evenly divided, arbitrary decisions by handicap are approximately as follows:

A Flight Index of below 18.9 (Average score below 54)
B Flight Index from 19.0 to 22.9 (Average scores 55-58)
C Flight Index above 23.0 (Average scores 59 or above)

Handicap Calculation:

We use an abbreviated form of the USGA method to calculate handicap. We use up to your last ten rounds and base our handicap on those ten rounds. Our league use the USGA equitable stoke deductions to keep handicaps in line.



Click Here To View and Read a Great Article on Golf Etiquette.

  1. Please be on the tee 15 minutes prior to your starting time.
  2. Know what make ball you are playing.
  3. Do not talk or move when opponent shoots.
  4. If a practice swing is needed, take only one.
  5. Always watch your ball as well as opponents’s and spot it relative to an object in the fairway or rough.
  6. Allow faster players to play through.
  7. Spend up to 3 minutes ONLY looking for a lost ball.
  8. The farthest ball from the hole will make next shot.
  9. Replace divots and press in with foot.
  10. Enter and exit sand traps on the low side.
  11. Always rake sand traps upon leaving.
  12. Never place bag in front of green or between trap and adjacent green.
  13. Cart or bag should never be placed on green or tee.
  14. When all players are on the green, the closest to the hole will "tend" or hold the pin.
  15. Always mark your ball on the green if it appears to be in the relative vicinity of opponent's ball while putting.
  16. Be careful of opponent's line of putting.
  17. Place the pin on the green, do not drop it.
  18. After putting out, remove your ball from the cup before the next opponent putts.
  19. Always stand in front or side of person putting, never behind.
  20. The first person to putt out replaces the pin.
  21. To speed up play, score hole just completed on the following tee.
  22. While walking toward your ball, be sure to stay behind the line of play, for your own safety.

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