Permanent Tee Times

Permanent starting times for 2014 begin April 12 and end on September 14.

During the golf season, there are "permanent" season starting times available on both Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 5:30 am. Groups may apply for season starting times in person at the Golf Club or at the Jewett Park Community Center at any time.

The Permanent Tee Time Application Deadline is March 3.

There will be a lottery drawing at the Golf Club on March 5 at 7 pm. At least one representative of each foursome must be present at the drawing to indicate a preferred starting time when their application is drawn.

Only one application may be submitted for each foursome, and no one's name may appear on more than one application. The starting time fee of $260 per foursome must be paid in full prior to the drawing.

All permanent starting time holders must be either Class A or Class AA members, or must purchase a pre-paid weekend ticket package.

Drawing time order

  1. In the first drawing, at least three of the four members must be Class A or AA members, the other must purchase a pre-paid ticket package.
  2. In the second drawing, two of the four members must be Class A or AA members, the second two must purchase a pre-paid ticket package.
  3. In the third drawing, all four persons may have purchased pre-paid ticket packages AND held a starting time in the last season.
  4. The fourth drawing includes any new foursomes.


Permanent Tee Time Application:  Click Here to Download Online Application.

Deerfield Golf Passes Application:  Click Here to View Printable Version.

Applications may also be obtained at the golf course or at the Community Center.