Permanent Tee Times

The 2016 Permanent Tee-Time Lottery is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15 at 7:00pm. Please review the information below regarding the lottery as well as dates/times to mark on your calendar for 2016.
·         December 15, 7:00pm – Deerfield Golf Club, FORE Restaurant & Bar will host a 1st Lottery for all existing 2015 groups followed by a 2nd Lottery for any new 2016 Permanent Tee-Time groups. 
o   A completed Weekend Permanent Tee-Time Application Form with $260 Payment will be required at this time.  
o   1st lottery drawing for both Saturday and Sunday times from 5:51a.m. thru 8:20a.m. will be completed for existing 2015 groups. (1 player from each foursome must be present or have an authorized representative, verified by DGC Staff, to choose their time)
o   2nd lottery drawing for New Groups for remaining times from 5:51am thru 8:20p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. (1 player from each foursome must be present)
o   Seasonal Pass Applications will be accepted at this time. 
o   Light refreshments and snacks will be provided and the bar will be available as well.
o   2016 Permanent Tee-Times begin April 9 and end September 18.
·         January 15, 2016 – Seasonal Pass Holder Form must be completed with credit payment information for all Permanent Tee-Time Groups by this date. The 1st 50% payment installment will be applied to the credit card on file for Permanent Tee-Time holders seasonal pass forms on hand.
·         March 15, 2016 - The 2nd 50% payment installment will be applied to the credit card on file for Permanent Tee-time holders seasonal pass forms on hand.
·         April 2, 2016 - DGC Final Four Season Opening Two-person Tournament – SAVE THE DATE
·         April 9 & 10, 2016 – 1st Weekend of Permanent Tee-Times begin
Below you will links to the 2016 Weekend Permanent Tee-Time Application Form, the Seasonal Pass Application Form and 2016 Permanent Tee-Time rules. 

For more information please click the below permanent TeeTime application or contact Jason Mannina at or by phone at 847-572-2682.

Thanks for viewing and we hope to see on the links soon!!

Permanent Tee Time Application:  Click Here to Download On-line Application.

Deerfield Golf Seasonal Pass Application:  Click Here to View Printable Version.

Deerfield Golf Permanent Tee Time Rules:  Click Here to View Printable Version.
Applications may also be obtained at the golf course or at the Community Center.